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Student Association

Mission Statement

“We, the students of Saginaw Valley State University, do establish the Student Association of Saginaw Valley State University to represent student concern and advance student priorities, to serve as a catalyst for positive University change, to provide information and leadership to the student body, to increase campus involvement, to faithfully administer the expenditures of Student Association funds, and to contribute to the improvement of the educational experience of the students.”


Student Association 2020 Election Timeline

March 16th at 12:00pm:                      Applications Available Online

March 25th at 12:00pm:                       Applications due and Petition due to Student Life Center

March 25th at 2:00pm:                        Mandatory Campaigning Meeting (Unity Room)

March 30th at 6pm:                              SA Presidential Debate & SA Rep Introductions (Curtiss 100)

March 30th at 7pm:                             Polls open (

April 2nd at 4:00pm:                            Polls close

April 2nd at 4:45pm:                            Election results are announced in Doan 103

Contact Us

(989) 964-4232(989) 964-4232


Doan 103


8 a.m. - 8 p.m.
*Office Hours are subject to change without notice. To ensure someone is there call in advance: (989)964-4232.