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What is Student Association? (SA)

At the end of each school year, the students at Saginaw Valley State University vote to elect a Student Association President and 20 Representatives to serve the following year. Through these individuals, a Speaker of the Association and a group of committee chairs are chosen. Currently, the organization is made up of four main committees: Student & Legislative Affairs, House Resources, Public Relations and Campus Events Committee.  

Student Association serves as the voice of the student body, and it is their duty to serve the students at Saginaw Valley State University as outlined in the charter. 

Through the General Service Fee (GSF), Student Association receives $.60 per credit hour from every student enrolled at SVSU. This results in a budget of about $120,000. A significant portion of this budget is set aside to be allocated to registered student organizations (RSOs) and individual students. Through an allocation process, RSOs can receive SA funds to support a program, banquet, or organizational cost. Individuals also can receive SA funds to attend conferences, study abroad, and participate in other leadership development activities. SA funds are also used within the organization itself. Each year, they offer a wide variety of programs and services to the campus community. 

Student Association works in getting the campus engaged within the community. One especially large event is hosted by the organization: Battle of the Valleys, which allows students the opportunity to become more involved on campus while helping a great cause. Battle of the Valleys is an annual fundraising competition between SVSU and GVSU's student body that occurs the week before the rivals' football game. Organized by the student governments at each university, the goal of the competition is to raise as much money as possible for a local charity.  

Serving the students of Saginaw Valley State University is a big responsibility, but over the years, Student Association has continued to grow and develop. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at (989) 964-4232 or stop by our office at Doan 103.