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Mission, Vision, Values & Priorities


SVSU's Mission: We transform lives through educational excellence and dynamic partnerships, unleashing possibilities for impact in our community and worldwide. 

Student Affairs Unit Mission Statement: Student Affairs creates learning experiences for all students that supports their academic, social, and personal development. 


SVSU's Vision: We will be renowned for our innovative teaching, experiential learning, and state-of-the-art facilities and be the first choice for those striving for personal and professional success.

Student Affairs Unit Vision Statement: We create experiences that empower, support, and serve all students. 

Core Values

SVSU's Core Values: 

  1. Passion for academic exploration and achievement
  2. Supportive environments focused on student success
  3. Diversity and inclusivity
  4. High standards for ethical behavior and financial stewardship
  5. A safe, friendly, and respectful campus climate
  6. Community engagement


Student Affairs Unity Values:

  1. Diversity
  2. Inclusion
  3. Communication
  4. Active Learning
  5. Collaboration
  6. Accountability

Student Affairs Unit Priorities

  1. Prioritize effective communication processes that facilitate and optimize organizational performance. 
  2. Foster an environment where diversity and inclusion are embedded in our culture and campus climate as a value. 
  3. Enhance experiential learning opportunities that promote positive student growth and retention. 
  4. Promote a culture of assessment and accountability where Student Affairs uses relevant assessment tools and strategies to communicate the value and impact of student affairs programs and services on student success. 
  5. Establish and invest in a culture in which the personal and professional talents of professional staff members are valued and maximized. 
  6. Nurture and sustain partnerships that foster involvement, engagement, and learning. 

Student Affairs Unit Learning Outcomes

Students who engage in programs, initiatives, and experiences offered by Student Affairs will demonstrate growth in one or more of the six CAS learning domains: 

  • Knowledge acquisition, construction, integration, and application;  
  • Cognitive complexity; 
  • Intrapersonal development;
  • Interpersonal development;
  • Humanitarianism/civic engagement;
  • Practical competence.