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The Stevens Center for Family Business podcast series features interviews with SCFB Members – founders, owners, and other leaders -- about FB fundamentals and the unique lessons they’ve learned as they’ve nurtured their enterprise and integrated family members into the business over the years. 

The podcast interviews provide rare insight into the unique experiences of family business leaders with the founding and development of their companies; the managing of the family along with business operations; and the rewards, challenges, and successes they’ve encountered along the way. Additionally, the interviews engage and connect Members through personal stories about the realities of family business ownership and leadership – the trials and tribulations, as well as the deep gratification of establishing an entrepreneurial legacy.

The SCFB podcast series is produced in partnership with Cliff Duvernois, host of The Call of Leadership podcast, and founder of MOTIONSPLASH Solutions, Inc.

The SCFB podcast interviews are also available on the following outlets. 

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Family Business Owner, Tyler Kluck, Kluck Nursery

Tyler Kluck, fourth-generation owner of Kluck Nursery, shares what it’s like to assume the mantle of V.P. of a successful family business, what role 100 years of history has in making decisions, and the impact staff retirement has on the business. Every Christmas, over 5,500 people decorate their homes with Kluck Christmas trees, but their business impacts the community with more than trees.

Family Business Owner, Terry Duperon, Duperon Corporation

You could say that the odds were stacked against Terry Duperon who was born with dyslexia, dropped out of high school, and never learned to read and write. Despite these obstacles, Terry learned that his dyslexia was a gift and he harnessed it to start the Duperon Corporation. With his daughter and business partner, Tammy, the family business has grown 25% year over year.

In this episode, Terry shares:

  • How to Turn Failures into Gifts
  • Finding Inspiration in the Power of Dreams
  • How to Embrace the Life You Have

SCFB Membership Coordinator, Casey Stevens

Family business accounts for 60% of US businesses and are responsible for nearly 80% of new job creation. And the Stevens Center for Family Business is designed to help family businesses survive and thrive.  Today, Casey Stevens shares with us the mission behind the Steven Center and how the Center is helping keep this important Michigan economic engine firing on all cylinders.

Family Business Owner, Kathie Fuce-Hobohm, SPACE, Inc.

Going from schoolteacher to CEO of one of Michigan’s Top 50 Businesses to Watch, Kathie Fuce-Hobohm embraced entrepreneurism. In this podcast episode, Kathie shares the history of her company SPACE Inc., the succession of her family business to the second generation, and causes she strongly believes in.

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