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What Is RPW?


The Department of Rhetoric and Professional Writing (RPW) balances practice and theory in the development of technologically adept, civic-minded professionals who manage information projects that help members of diverse, increasingly interdisciplinary and global audiences learn, create meaning, and achieve goals. That is, RPW students explore the rhetorical, cultural, and professional dimensions of writing and information design in a variety of genres, contexts and publication media, including print, electronic, video, and multimedia documents.

RPW students gain the knowledge, abilities and understanding necessary to succeed as writing specialists in a wide range of career contexts, including publishing, government, nonprofit organizations, education, law, medicine, journalism, and product- and information-driven industries. Some RPW students go on to pursue graduate studies in disciplines such as Technical Communication, Rhetoric, Composition, Journalism, Cultural Studies, Law, and English.

The Rhetoric and Professional Writing Department thus meets the following objectives:

  • RPW creates and maintains a theoretical framework for examining historically significant and shaping emerging technologies.
  • RPW challenges and encourages students to become critical thinkers and effective communicators.
  • RPW develops avenues of support, interaction and collaboration on campus and in other communities.

Students may earn a Bachelor of Arts degree or a minor in Professional and Technical Writing from the Department of Rhetoric and Professional Writing.

Contact Us
(989) 964-2296(989) 964-2296

Department Chair

Dr. Bradley Herzog - Curtiss 149A

Internship Coordinator

Dr. Williamson - Curtiss 152