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Kylie Wojciechowski

Kylie Wojciechowski‌‌‌Kylie Wojciechowski is the author of her own success.

The Bay City native, who graduated from Saginaw Valley State University with a bachelor’s degree in professional technical writing in 2017, is already busy writing her next chapter. As a student at the University of Michigan’s Master of Science in Information program, she is preparing for a career translating complicated digital age-related concepts into writing put in layman’s terms. Her dream destinations are among the world’s culture-changing Fortune 500 companies: Apple, Microsoft, Google. But that’s getting ahead of the narrative.

In many ways, the narrative of Wojciechowski’s professional pursuits began at SVSU, where she enrolled in 2012 when she received the university’s President’s Scholarship. She began her undergraduate life as a biochemistry major. By her second semester, though, she became involved in the campus’ Writing Center, which offered tutoring to students. The experience helped her begin to break free from her shell around the time she switched to a professional technical writing major.

“I was pretty reserved and meek when I first started working with students at the Writing Center,” Wojciechowski said. “That caused me anxiety at beginning. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to offer students anything.”

Gradually, though, she grew into the role and developed confidence in working with her peers.

That development benefited Wojciechowski’s when her story led her next to The Valley Vanguard, the student newspaper. She joined the staff as a reporter, but within two years, became editor-in-chief.

“I wanted to work with people, and help them learn to become a journalist,” she said. “I became It seemed like a natural progression to become editor-in-chief.”

The next step in her development involved her selection as a member of the Roberts Fellowship, a student leadership development program that concludes with an educational trip to Asia.

“I was really excited about the prospect of getting outside my comfort zone,” she said. “It became a venue for personal growth. It wasn’t an academic class. It was just a time for me to focus on my goals without the prospect of a grade looming over my head.”

The combined experiences and the engaging studies offered by the professional technical writing program prepared Wojciechowski for the next chapter in her life at the University of Michigan, she said.

“It’s prepared me to succeed,” she said. “I’ve learned a lot due to the academic rigor. The professors in the professional technical writing program allowed me to be comfortable with where I am now.”

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