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Pre-Health Professions Curriculum

Learn more About the Pre-Health Profession

Learn more about the Pre-Health Profession Program here at Saginaw Valley State University

Course of Study

In most cases, any major may be chosen. However, since the entrance requirements for professionals schools do vary, the following courses serve as minimum prerequisite courses for most schools. Consult with the Pre-Health Professions Advisor to choose an appropriate major and course of study.

  • CHEM 111 & 111L -- General Chemistry I Lecture & Lab
  • CHEM 112 & 112L -- General Chemistry II Lecture & Lab
  • CHEM 230 & 231 -- Organic Chemistry I Lecture & Lab
  • CHEM 330 & 331 -- Organic Chemistry II Lecture & Lab
  • BIOL 181 & 181L -- Ecology, Evolution, Diversity Lecture & Lab
  • BIOL 182 & 182L -- Cell and Molecular Biology Lecture & Lab
  • PHYS 111 & 111L -- General Physics I Lecture & Lab
  • PHYS 112 & 112L -- General Physics II Lecture & Lab
  • ENGL 111 -- Composition I
  • ENGL 212 -- Topics in Critical Writing

Students interested in any of the above pre-health programs should meet with the Pre-Health Professions Advisor no later than their first semester at SVSU.

Frequently Asked Questions

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