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2022 Monthly Meetings

August 2022 — Bottled Goodbyes

Presented by Ric Mixter

Bottled messages have been discovered on shore nearly as long as glass containers have been invented. They bring tidings from ocean voyagers, invitations for penpals, tragic attempts for rescue and floating farewells from long lost souls. Based on Ric Mixter’s new book, Bottled Goodbyes, which chronicles the most famous messages ever recovered, including three bottles found after the Titanic disaster. One of those messages was allegedly from a White House aide who served two U.S. presidents. Ric also investigated five messages that floated ashore from the Great Storm of 1913 and shares in-depth information on the barge Plymouth and Lightship 82 notes. Both ships, including the entire crews, were lost; so, the messages recovered made national headlines. Of particular interest are the near crashes of balloonist Washington Donaldson in lakes Ontario and Michigan and the final flight that took his life off the Michigan coast in 1875. Ric also investigates the development of radio on the Great Lakes and how that led to a decrease in bottles recovered.

September 2022 — Fall Kick-Off Celebration — Dueling Pianos

Presented by Dueling Pianos International, LLC

Let’s kick off the 2022-2023 season with a morning of FUN! Dueling pianos (also known simply as “sing-along”) is a form of entertainment with two pianos each played by a professional player who sings and entertains. Expect a humorous performance with some audience participation and song requests. Dueling Pianos International has been performing at events for 19 years. Its dynamic performance playing music includes Classic Rock to Country, Hard Rock to R&B, and Show Tunes to Top 40. Register and join us to “kick off” the next season – OLLI is back!

October 2022--Michigan's Haunted Lighthouses

Presented by Dianna Stampfler

What is it about lighthouses that attract ghostly spirits? Maybe it’s simply a passion that will not go away. Lighthouse keepers were known to be extremely dedicated to their profession and it seems many were never able to give it up — even after death. More than 30 lighthouses in Michigan are rumored to be haunted. From the smell of cigar smoke at Seul Choix Point Light to the mysterious housekeeping at White River Light Station and the antics at Waugoshance Shoal, these stories will entertain all ages. This popular program is coming from the pages of Michigan’s Haunted Lighthouses — a book by Dianna Stampfler, published in spring 2019 by The History Press. (See Class #143 Death and Lighthouses on the Great Lakes on Page 7.)

November 9, 2022 — Who are the Ukrainians — Ukraine vs. Russia

Full Title: Who are the Ukrainians — Ukraine vs. Russia — The History of Relationships between Neighboring Countries

Presented by Olga Liskiwsky

Ukraine is a highly traditional country where the observance of certain customs and practices plays a central role in its culture. Younger generations gladly adopt and follow these rituals. This lecture will give us an inside look at Ukrainian life and history. It will also touch on the relationship between Ukraine and Russian populations and the turmoil the Ukrainians are living with because of the Russian invasion. Also included is a brief overview of the Ukrainian American Archives & Museum, and its 64-year history of documenting and sharing Ukrainian culture and the story of the immigration of Ukrainians to Southeast Michigan.