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YOU CAN GET AN MS-CSIS ✓ Lowest tuition in Michigan
✓ Fast-Track Program
✓ Flexible program designed around you

Master of Science in Computer Science & Information Systems (MS-CSIS) Cost and Aid

Michigan & Non-Michigan Resident

Graduate Courses (500-699 Level Courses)
HHS 500-799 Level Courses

$721.65/ (2023 - 2024)

Payment Plans

The Graduate Payment Plans are specifically designed for graduate students and their complex lifestyle, providing flexibility in spreading their educational expense over two (2) or five (5) interest-free, monthly payments! Graduate Payment Plans can be used in combination with financial aid or student loans to cover the remaining balances owed. Learn More


Depending upon your program, there may be additional fees.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Harry E. Rappa Memorial Engineering Scholarship

Candidates will have an undergraduate degree in engineering, and be employed engineers enrolled in the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program; or, be enrolled in Computer Science and Information Systems (MS-CSIS) with a preference for candidates with career experience in a manufacturing or engineering environment. Other requirements include scholastic achievement, character, and leadership. Financial circumstances may be considered but are not required.

Award: $1,625




Graduate Admissions
Wickes Hall 230
(989) 964-6096

Dr. Poonam Dharam
MS-CSIS Program Coordinator
(989) 964-4191

Tanika Williams
Graduate Admissions Coordinator
(989) 461-2050