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2020 SVSU Math Olympics

Registration Information

The deadline for registering for the 2020 Math Olympics is at noon, Friday, March 6, 2020!  Please make sure we receive your registration material before the deadline!  Any registrations received after noon, March 6, 2020 will only be considered as long as resources permit.

In other words: at noon, on Friday, March 6, we count how many schools and students are participating in the competition, and start allocating resources  (rooms, seating, exam proctors, printed exams and forms, etc.). If we receive your registration after the deadline, we may still be able to squeeze you in, but it is possible that we will not have enough resources to do that.  So try to send in your registration as soon as possible (ideally as soon as you have finalized your list of participants).

Note that there is now a limit of 100 students total from each school .

You are responsible for ensuring that students are taking the correct level of examination. If you are not sure which classes a student attended, please review the student's transcripts from any prior school attended.

The Level I test is for students who have had or are currently in the Algebra I, Algebra II, and Plane Geometry track. The Level II test is for those students whose math background extends beyond the courses listed above.

Please provide your registration information via a spreadsheet. Any common spreadsheet format (MS Excel, OO Calc, csv, ...) is acceptable. The data should be clearly separated into 3 areas:

  1. School name, contact information, number of students in each level and number of students buying lunch on campus.
  2. The names of all Level I participants (if any).
  3. The names of all Level II participants (if any).

Please email the spreadsheet to including the words "Math Olympics registration" in the subject line.

You should print the spreadsheet at the same time as you submit it, without adding or removing any names. Use the printed spreadsheet to mark changes in the following way:


Inevitably, some changes will occur between the registration and the day of the event. Please inform us before event day if you can. That way we can make sure that there will be enough space for all participants in the exam rooms. If you need to add students to your teams after registration:

  • If the number of students added is small (less than 6 students per level), you can add the names of the students up to the morning before the competition.
  • If you need to add more than 5 students on one or both of the levels, please notify us ASAP, and re-submit your complete registration information. We need to know this ahead of time so we can change room assignments, if necessary.

To help us assure that all participants names get properly recorded, please follow these steps:

  1. Print the spreadsheet before mailing it to us.
  2. Save the printed spreadsheet, and bring it with you on the day of the competition .
  3. If you need to add names to the printed spreadsheet , up to 5 names for each level can be added by hand on your print-out. Make sure that those are clearly visible. If you need to add more than 5 names to one or both levels, please re-submit the entire registration information.
  4. On the morning of the competition , please check which students are present, and mark those clearly on your printout.
  5. Upon arrival to the competition, bring the printed spreadsheet to the registration desk. This printout should now have:
    • Names of all additional students (at most 5 per level) listed in proper places.
    • Check-marks next to the names of all students who are actually in attendance.

Thank you for helping us ensure a smooth registration process for your students.

Directions and Parking

Once on campus, the Ryder Center is located just south of the E-lot, which is where bus parking is available. See the campus map. The Doan Center, where lunch is served, is located near the housing facilities across campus directly west of the Ryder Center.

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