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Students at the Math Olympics

Exam Format

  • Level I Exam: This exam is intended for students whose background includes courses in Algebra and Geometry only.
  • Level II Exam: This exam is intended for for students whose background extends beyond Algebra and Geometry. Typically this is intended for students who have had trigonometry and/or pre-calculus and/or calculus. There are no questions that require any calculus techniques.
  • Schools are responsible for ensuring that students are taking the correct level of examination and should review students' abilities, including transcripts from any prior school attende.
  • There are 25 multiple choice questions and students have 90 minutes to complete the exam.
  • No calculators are allowed on the exam. We make sure the exam is not calculation intensive, though some arithmetic and knowledge of common function values is necessary on some problems.
  • Copies of past exams and solutions are available here.


Admissions Office
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Jan Hlavacek
Assistant Professor of Mathematical Science
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