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Department of Mathematical Sciences

The Department of Mathematical Sciences offers majors in Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Mathematics for Teacher Certification. All three programs begin with a 4-semester calculus/differential equations sequence. So, if you are not sure which major you prefer, it is easy to change your mind during the first couple of years of study. The programs differ with the required upper level courses. Mathematics is a traditional math major offering the best preparation for future research in mathematics, including graduate school. It will offer the most practice with proof-writing and theoretical concepts, including abstract algebra, real analysis, and complex analysis. Applied mathematics emphasizes topics which are currently used in applied fields. These include probability, statistics, actuarial science, numerical analysis, and stochastic processes. Mathematics for Secondary Education leads toward teacher certification. However, it also offers good preparation for graduate school or other careers.

Mathematical Sciences Programs

Applied Mathematics (B.S.)
Mathematics (B.S.)
Minors & Certifications

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Thomas Zerger, Ph.D.


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