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King Chavez Parks

The King Chavez Parks (KCP) 4-S P.A.S.S. Grant Program is designed to educate and motivate our students for success. Our goal is to increase graduation rates by developing partnership focused on retention of our students through effective instruction, counseling strategies, tutoring, and mentoring programs.


Every SVSU student participating in the Martin Luther King, Caesar Chavez and Rosa Parks (KCP) program has an opportunity to achieve life success regardless of ethnicity, social or economic status.


We partner with the State of Michigan, SVSU Staff, Students and Faculty to facilitate pathways to success for First-Generation and students with unique academic and economic circumstances.


Established by the Michigan Legislature in 1986, the goal of the Martin Luther King, Jr. - César Chávez - Rosa Parks (KCP) Initiative is to increase the number of Michigan's academically or economically disadvantaged citizens who have the opportunity to complete college degrees and experience career success as active participants in a knowledge-based global economy.
The Select Student Support Services (4S) Program provides State of Michigan funding to Michigan's four-year public and independent colleges and universities to increase the graduation rates of admitted academically or economically disadvantaged students.

Guiding Principles

·         Provide a Safe Place to gain and share perspective
·         Maintain relationships that are steeped in Trust and Confidentially
·         Foster mutual respect for self and others
·         Strategically Focus on Academics and Career
·         Resourceful

The goal is to expand the number of Morris Hood, Jr. Educator Development Program (MHED) eligible students enrolled in SVSU’s teacher education program. This is done by providing ongoing support services to prepare 20 academically or economically disadvantaged K-12 teacher education students pursuing a baccalaureate teacher education program at SVSU. The ultimate vision is to improve graduate rates of these students each year. 


  • Academic support services
    • Tutoring (Center for Academic Achievement offers tutoring and supports in math, writing, accounting, economics, biology, chemistry, physics, social sciences, software and technology)
    • Mentoring (Student leadership groups, tutoring center, peers, coaches).
    • Coordinator supports (designing student academic schedules, improve study habits, bi-weekly check in points, goal setting)
    • Student Technology Center: enhance the integration of technology into teaching and learning by providing students with training and individualized assistance to become successful users of technology in their coursework. Library and digital tools tutorials
    • Career services: provides resources requisite of career preparation including counseling, workshops, and job search programs to students.
    • Library: provides library orientation and use of library materials including online databases.
    • Disability Services: coordinates support services that enable students with disabilities the opportunity to achieve intellectual and personal growth.
    • Admissions: disseminates program information to prospective students.
    • Registrar: serves as a resource to the administrators of the Program and provides assistance in collecting Program data.
    • Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid: assists students with the completion of financial aid forms, provide budgeting workshops for students, and make referrals of potential students.
    • Institutional Research: Will provide staff with data on an ongoing basis to allow the identification of and services to low-income, academically at-risk, and first-generation students.
    • Sponsored Programs: Will ensure compliance and train Program personnel; review required reports. Will provide sponsored funding information to Program staff and grant writing assistance. Will monitor allowed expenditures, update the budget monthly and prepare financial reports.
  • Retention
  • Meeting with your advisor and /or the coordinator of the MH program to create a plan for monitoring academic success.
  • Financial incentives


  • Lead community events
  • Enroll in transition camp to ensure acclimated to campus life and resources
  • Participate or lead an RSO or student leadership group
  • Sign up for at least 4 workshops in any of the following areas:
    • Needs assessment and improved learning
    • Advanced training on course management systems
    • How to monitor progress (self / others)
    • Creating an Individual Student Success Plan, including timelines and benchmarks.
    • Financial / Economic Literacy Session


The Future Faculty Fellowship Program provides financial support to Michigan’s public universities to increase the number of traditionally under-represented instructors in the classroom available as role models for students. 

The SVSU Office of Diversity Programs, with the support of the State of Michigan KCP Initiative, sponsors the KCP Fellowship Award annually.  The maximum level of support for master’s Fellows is $20,000 total up to 4 years and $35,000 total up to 8 years for a Doctoral Fellow.

Future Faculty Fellowship graduates are obligated to obtain a postsecondary faculty teaching or approved administration position at a public or private; 2- or 4-year; in- or out-of-state postsecondary institution, and remain in that position for up to three (3) years equivalent full-time


The Martin Luther King, Jr. César Chávez Rosa Parks Visiting Professors Program was created by the Michigan State Legislature in 1986 as part of the larger King Chávez Parks Initiative. The legislative intent was to stem the downward spiral of college graduation rates for students underrepresented in postsecondary education Michigan’s KCP Visiting Professors Programs is intended to increase the number of instructors in the classroom to provide role models for academically or economically disadvantaged students. Institutions should encourage applications from applicants who would otherwise not be adequately represented in the faculty.





KCP program overview


Monday-Friday: 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Student Center 111 (Located in the Multicultural Student Center)
(989) 964-7090