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IRB Meetings and Quorums

Responsibilities and Actions of the IRB Chairperson:

The Chair of the IRB is ultimately responsible for the conduct of the Board.  It is the responsibility of the Chair to coordinate all aspects of Board function, or to arrange for them to happen.  This responsibility includes arranging for regular meetings, causing minutes to be kept, distributed, approved, and posted, arranging for appropriate training for Board members, consultations with PI’s about current or prospective applications, and monitoring relevant federal guidelines and regulations.

Meetings and Quorums:

A quorum is required to convene a meeting of the IRB.  A quorum consists of at least a majority of members (or their alternates) present at the meeting, either in person or via a conference call.  When members or alternates are associated with a project being reviewed, they are ineligible to vote on the project.  However, the IRB may ask them to provide information about the project or they may excuse themselves from the meeting during the review.  Potential conflicts of interest should be noted in the IRB meeting minutes.  Should the quorum fail during a meeting (e.g., loss of a majority through recusal of members with conflicting interests), the IRB may not take further actions or votes until the quorum is restored.  Alternate members of the Board may be invited to each meeting and may participate in the discussion of agenda items, including reviews, although if they are not serving in a member’s place, they are not be eligible to vote.

The Chairperson will convene meetings of the board for review of new applications, modification requests, continuation requests, suspension or termination of IRB approval, and Board procedural and educational issues.

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