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Renewing or Closing an IRB Approved Project


Investigators of approved IRB projects will receive automated emails 60 days and 30 days before projects expire. Investigators will need to either renew or close their project with the IRB before the expiration date.

Project Renewals

Investigators of an IRB approved project that extends beyond one year from the date of IRB approval need to submit a Continuing Review/Progress Report to the IRB. Investigators need to complete and submit the IRB Renewal/Close-out Form (116KB) and any other updated documents before the project expires. Investigators should use the Renewal Checklist (62KB) to ensure a complete package is submitted.

Continuing Review/Progress Reports are submitted in a subsequent package in IRBNet. To create a subsequent package, click on "Create a New Package" located just below the Project History Link on the left toolbar within the package.

Project Closures

Investigators should close IRB approved projects at the time of the project’s end. This will ensure that all investigators, including students, are available to sign the Closure/Final Report package upon submission to IRBNet. The form must be uploaded and submitted in a subsequent package before the project’s expiration date.  Investigators need to complete and submit the IRB Renewal/Close-out Form (116KB) 

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