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Institutional Research

Data collected or studies conducted for purposes of providing information to the University, any unit within the University, or any other organization (e.g., accrediting agency), with the purpose of addressing issues deemed important to University operations is considered to be institutional research. Studies of this nature do not require IRB review. If information collected is intended for further or wider dissemination within the University or to other organizations, for publication (including Internet), or involves more than minimal risk, it requires IRB review. 

When IRB review is not required, institutional research projects or other activities must still communicate applicable elements of informed consent (e.g., purpose, risk, benefit, voluntary participation, permission to withdraw) and include appropriate anonymity and confidentiality protections.

Other Projects:

The primary types of projects included in this category are program evaluations, policy analyses, or quality assurance studies conducted for the purpose of providing information only to the organization studied.  Such studies do not require IRB review if they involve no more than minimal risk as defined in Federal regulations and University policy and do not involve vulnerable populations.  Any such project conducted with the intent of further dissemination of results meets the definition of research according to federal and University policy and requires IRB review.

When IRB review is not required, such projects must still communicate applicable elements of informed consent and include appropriate anonymity or confidentiality protections.

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