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Why Join?

Joining a Fraternity at SVSU can make the university feel like home. Through social events and chapter activities, members become friends with other students throughout campus and other organizations, making the college experience more memorable and exciting. Throughout Greek life, members become campus leaders by setting positive examples and being friendly to other students and helping them feel even more welcomed to life at SVSU. Being in Greek Life also helps members succeed in their courses. Brothers and sisters are always in the library, welcoming others to study together and help each other stay motivated. Library hours and a minimum GPA of 2.5 are required to stay an active member and aid in keeping members on track with their successful futures. Not only does Greek life enhance social and educational life, but members are given unique opportunities to give back to the community in fun and exciting ways as well as chances to network with faculty, career services, outside companies and so much more. These are great ways to build a resume, gain experience and stand out in future endeavors.

Greek Life can benefit its members in so many amazing ways. All you have to do is join and you can gain friendships and unique memories that will last a lifetime.


How to Join

Men are eligible to join a fraternity at SVSU beginning the Fall semester of their First Year.  Student Information sessions will be held within the first two weeks of classes by the Interfraternity Council, in which students can go through recruitment with individual chapters of interest.


Requirements to Join a Fraternity

  1. Full-time enrollment at SVSU, registered with 12 credit hours or more
  2. Minimum cumulative High GPA of 2.5

Interfraternity Council Goals for 2019-2020 

  • Foster relationships with Panhellenic and the NPHC Councils
  • Develop attendance standard for all IFC-sponsored events
  • Establish training of officers for the F&S Judicial Board
  • Develop IFC Bylaws
  • Establish  IFC Study Tables 
  • Establish an IFC Tutor program 
  • Establish GPA Awards
  • Establish a minimum GPA requirement 2.5
  • Establish a Scholarship Program
  • Foster relationships with Faculty through the development of a Faculty Meet and Greet
  • Develop a “Degree Planning” Educational Program
  • Explore the implementation of IFC dues for each chapter
  • Increase retention efforts across all new member programs.
  • Establish a uniform Recruitment Week for all IFC Chapters to start the 3rd week of the Fall Semester
  • Develop a Recruitment Fair as the kick-off event during Welcome Weekend each fall.
  • Collaborate with Panhellenic to establish a Winter interest event for students interested in fraternities and sororities
  • Establish an All-IFC Service Project to be implemented once a semester
  • Sponsor an All-IFC Philanthropy Project
  • Collaborate with PHE and Panhellenic on a Finals Week Stress Relief program
  • Establish IFC Socials, utilizing programming already sponsored by the University 
  • Develop an all-IFC Alumni event to each Homecoming
  • Collaborate with Panhellenic and NPHC for Greek Week events
  • Establish IFC-Specific Social Media Accounts: Instagram & Facebook
  • Establish promotional items for Recruitment
  • Update the Fraternity/Sorority Webpage with IFC Information
  • Collaborate with Valley VanGuard to establish a Greek Column 
  • Establish an Alumni Newsletter



Fraternity and Sorority Life
Student Center 101
(989) 964-4091

Student Life
Student Center 101
(989) 964-4170

Residential Life/Housing
Housing - Curtiss 118 Residential Life - Curtiss 114
(989) 964-4410