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Dear Parents,

Sending a child off to college can be an exciting albeit overwhelming time for many parents as your child begins to explore different opportunities. With that, we understand that there may be many questions, some of which might concern the fraternity and sorority community. We wanted to offer answers to some of the questions many parents, like yourself, have regarding myths and facts revolving around the fraternity and sorority experience here at Saginaw Valley State University.

Fraternities and Sororities are intended to offer your child a “home away from home”, providing friendshipsscholastic support, leadership experience, involvement opportunities, build a network and establish a strong foundation for the future. At SVSU, the fraternity and sorority community is strongly committed to being an asset for many members as they navigate campus life and serve as active leaders within the community. Currently, SVSU offers 7 sororities and 9 fraternities on campus. All organizations have positive and unique qualities to offer each of its members. We hope your child will have no trouble choosing an organization to join!


To learn more about the benefits fraternity and sorority life could offer your child, please enjoy this PNMO: Parent Edition Video, created by Launch Point, a national institute specializing in researching fraternity and sorority experiences across the nation. 

For questions or concerns, please contact Lindsey Dever, Coordinator of Leadership Programs at or at 989.964.4091. Download and view our Parent Guide to Fraternity and Sorority Life (962KB) flyer. 


Myths and Facts about Fraternities and Sororities

MYTH: My child’s grades will fall as they will not have time for studying if they join a fraternity or sorority.

FACT: All fraternities and sororities were founded upon the ideal of academic excellence. In such, accountability and support systems are in place to ensure that members of each chapter are succeeding academically. Each person must have a 2.5 cumulative GPA  to be eligible for membership, as well as, maintain that 2.5 over the course of their membership. With that, on average, fraternity and sorority members academically outperform their non-affiliated peers.

MYTH: If my child joins a fraternity or sorority, all their time will be spent partying.

FACT: While fraternity and sorority membership does include an optional social aspect, our community takes a great deal of pride in providing a safe and healthy environment for all members and non-members. All fraternity and sorority members have trained annually on risk management and harm reduction efforts to ensure safe social activities.

MYTH: My child will be hazed if they join a fraternity or sorority.

FACT: Saginaw Valley State University has a zero-tolerance policy regarding hazing. All fraternity and sorority members are educated about the plague of hazing and sign an agreement stating their understanding of the policy and a commitment to not haze, understanding that all alleged violations of the University hazing policy are fully investigated. It is our number one priority to create a safe and healthy environment for all fraternity and sorority members at SVSU.

MYTH: Fraternity or sorority membership has no benefits after graduation.

FACT: Fraternity or sorority membership is not just for the four or five years of college—it’s for life.  Each individual that joins a fraternity or sorority agrees to be an active member well beyond their undergraduate years at SVSU. While collegiate years are most closely associated with chapter membership, alumni are actively called to serve in other volunteer capacities such as chapter advisors to undergraduate members.


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