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General Education Courses

All SVSU students are required to complete the General Education Program. It comprises 35 credit hours in 10 categories, each with a learning objective, a required number of credit hours, and an approved group of courses from which to choose. See the Course Catalog for a complete list of courses. English courses are found in Categories 1 and 10.

The General Education offerings count toward the fulfillment of electives for the English major. Please consult the specific, selected course descriptions for more in-depth explanations of the courses as individual professors adapt their classes to the guidelines in each general description.

General Education Courses

Category 1

ENGL 202 Literary Genre (3)
ENGL 203 Historical Approaches to Literature (3)
ENGL 204 Thematic Approaches to Literature (3)
ENGL 205 Studies in World Literature (3)

Category 10

ENGL 212 Topics in Critical Writing (3)

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