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Department of Computer Science And Information Systems

Computing is spreading everywhere! Social media. Smart phones. Artificial intelligence. It's a fascinating and fast-growing career field. The Department of Computer Science and Information Systems prepares students for careers in computing by offering two different undergraduate degrees, a graduate degree, and two minors--with the most up-to-date content available.  We teach using the latest technologies and software.  We research cutting edge technologies, including cybersecurity, machine learning, networking, and software engineering.  Small class sizes and accessible professors enable students to get individualized attention.  Paid co-op and internship jobs, and research opportunities, enable students to build their resumes with hands-on work experience and published research papers.  If you are looking for the perfect match of theory and application with solid academic programs that will enhance your future, find it right here in the CSIS Department at SVSU. We compute!

CSIS Programs

Computer Science (B.S.)
Computer Information Systems (B.S.)
Cybersecurity (Minor)
Computer Science & Information Systems (Minor)

Masters of Computer Science & Information Systems

Contemporary business practices are data driven, supported by computer information systems of ever more extreme complexity. Contemporary engineering and manufacturing practices also require vast amounts of data supplied by computer systems that integrate with powerful and diverse electronic hardware. SVSU's Masters of Science in Computer Science and Information Systems program will help you soar, whether your goal is to automate manufacturing processes, secure an Internet-of-Things implementation, optimize information systems enterprises, or build the next killer app.

CSIS Faculty and Student Research

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Department Chair

Dr. Scott James


Science East 176