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Teacher Certification Standard Teaching Certificate Renewal

Requirements for Michigan Provisional Certificate Renewal
Instructions for completing a Provisional Certificate Renewal Application
Applicants with a Criminal Conviction

Requirements for Michigan Standard Teaching Certificate Renewal

When the Michigan Standard Teaching Certificate expires at the end of the six year time span, an individual can apply for a first three-year renewal after completion of the first nine (9) semester hours of an approved 18-semester hour "planned program" of coursework at a state approved Michigan teacher preparation institution such as SVSU.  These credits must have been earned after the issuance of the Standard Teaching Certificate.

The 18-semester hour program is planned with an SVSU College of Education certification advisor and may include an individualized program designed around various subject areas, certificate endorsements, and graduate programs available through the SVSU College of Education Certification Office.  Selection of an appropriate program for each teacher is based upon individual career goals, occupational needs, and level of certification.  Additional minors may be added to an elementary or secondary certificate for middle school and high school subject areas.  The College of Education also offers programs to prepare teachers for certificate specialization endorsements in many subject areas including Early Childhood, Special Education (Autism Spectrum Disorders, Cognitive Impairment, Learning Disabilities), and Reading Specialist. Coursework in these areas may be applied to a Master of Arts in Teaching Degree in each of the designated specialties. Additional minors in certain endorsement areas may require the successful completion of the corresponding Michigan Test for Teacher Certification (MTTC). For further information on planning a program of study for continued certification, contact the College of Education Certification Office for an appointment.

After expiration of the first three-year renewal, if the individual still has not completed the teaching experience requirements for the Professional Education Certificate, a second three-year renewal is available after the completion of the entire 18-semester hour planned program required for the eventual Professional Education Certificate.

Third renewals may be issued to individuals who have completed all credit requirements for the Professional Education Certificate and have been hired for a regular teaching position for the current school year.  Applicants apply directly to the Office of Professional Preparation Services at the Michigan Department of Education.  The third renewal will be issued when the application, certification renewal fee, letter from the school district, and institution verification of completion of academic requirements for the Professional Education Certificate have been received.

A new two-year provisional extension is available through the Michigan Department of Education.  The extension must be:

  • Initiated by sponsorship of the employing school district or school.  The district submits the application to the Michigan Department of Education.
  • Designed for those who do not complete Provisional Certificate renewal requirements.
  • Can only be issued if certificate has lapsed within 10 years after the initial Provisional Certificate was issued.
  • Must submit a plan of coursework from an approved teacher preparation institution along with the application.
  • Must meet requirements for the Professional Education Certificate at the end of the two-year period with no exceptions.
  • Forfeits access to any opportunity for additional renewals of the Provisional Certificate.

Renewals must be recommended by the approved Michigan college which "plans" the required program of additional credit regardless of what institution recommended the initial provisional certificate.

Instructions for completing a Standard Teaching Certificate Renewal Application

  1. Complete the Professional Education Certificate Application on the MOECS in its entirety.
  2. Official transcripts from each institution where credit was completed for the renewal must be on file with the SVSU College of Education Certification Office before the application for renewal can be processed.  If coursework was taken after admission to SVSU was granted, you must request official transcripts be sent or hand delivered to the SVSU College of Education, 7400 Bay Road, University Center, MI 48710. Transcripts must be in a sealed envelope from the college/university where credit was completed.

An application for a renewal should only be submitted when the required semester hours are complete and posted to the official transcript .  Processing the renewal application takes a couple of weeks. SVSU will recommend your application to the Michigan Department of Education upon verification of successful completion of satisfactory coursework.

Upon receipt of your application, the Michigan Department of Education will send you an e-mail notification advising you to pay forward a certification fee online in the amount of $100.00. Once you have paid the fee, the Michigan Department of Education will forward your new certificate to you within 7-14 business days.

Applicants with a Criminal Conviction

If you have been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony, you must include court documents indicating the crime of which you were convicted, dates and sentences imposed with your application materials.  The Admission and Certification Office will forward your application with all supporting materials (including your court documents) to the Michigan Department of Education for consideration of a teaching certificate.

The SVSU College of Education cannot guarantee approval of any recommendation made to the State of Michigan for any type of of certification.  Final approval of a recommendation made by SVSU is granted only by the Michigan Department of Education based on their policies and procedures current at the time the recommendation for certification is made.  The Michigan Department of Education will contact you in writing once they have reviewed your application materials and made their decision.

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