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Student Financial Account Information

After a student has been admitted to the University, received their SVSU student ID number, username and established a password, they can complete many necessary business & financial transactions online. They can monitor requirements needed for completion of their financial aid application, check their balance, make tuition and housing payments, set up payment plans, and check grades anytime, anywhere!

To make the most of our online services and prepare for the upcoming semester follow the guidelines below.

Financial Account Information

Saginaw Valley State University utilizes e-mail as the official method of communication with students to conduct business thus reducing paper waste, saving money and communicating efficiently and effectively. No paper bills are issued.

Upon acceptance to SVSU, each student is issued a complimentary personal university email account (an “SVSU account”) for his/her use while enrolled at SVSU. Official university correspondence will be directed to the SVSU account, and it will be the student’s responsibility to monitor this account regularly and to read all posted University correspondence.  

All the following communication noted below will be sent to the SVSU student email account:

  • Detailed information needed to complete their financial aid file
  • Award letter notifications
  • Enrollment status and renewal requirements for scholarships
  • Loan information
  • Other award requirements and eligibility information
  • Payment due dates
  • Billing notifications
  • Direct deposit advice notification
  • Other special reminders

Email Addresses Carbon Copy Feature

Students and/or parents may wish to have SVSU communications sent to other email addresses in addition to their SVSU email account. 

Please be aware, not all offices utilize this function.  Some emails will ONLY go to the SVSU email address and not be carbon copied.  Please refer to the complete Student Email Communication Policy for more information.

How to Set-up Carbon Copy Email Addresses:

  1. Log-into with username and password
  2. Go to Self Service
  3. Select Students
  4. Select Privacy Settings
  5. Select My Carbon Copy Email Address

Once carbon copy email addresses are established, that access will remain in effect until it is removed by the student.

SVSU’s 24/7 portal site,, the one-place, one page space allowing students to access many services with one log-in, view news and announcements, conduct business transactions and monitor their academic and financial profiles.

SVSU complies with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and as a result, information concerning a student cannot be released without the written consent of the student.  The Personal Information Release allows students to identify individuals (parents/guardians/others) who may have access to academic and/or financial information.  This is particularity useful if others are assisting students with FAFSA or other financial matters. If the Personal Information Release is not completed SVSU will not be able to discuss ANYTHING regarding a student account with ANYONE except the student.

How to Set-up the Personal Information Release Access:

  1. Log-into with username and password
  2. Go to Self Service
  3. Select Students
  4. Select Privacy Settings
  5. Select Personal Information Release

 Once release access is established for an individual, that access will remain in effect until it is removed by the student.

A number of options exist within Self-Service allowing students to view up-to-date information regarding their student account, including access to the following financial aid features:

Financial Aid Missing Information

This feature allows students to view the status of their financial aid file, including where they are in the process. Up-to-date information will appear when SVSU receives a student’s FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) results, and what other information SVSU may need to collect from the student.  Log-in to and view this page after you have filed your FAFSA!

Financial Aid Opt-In

This allows students to view, accept, and reject their scholarships and financial aid online and for SVSU to accept the student’s signature electronically for any documents pertaining to scholarships and financial aid.  The electronic signature binds the student to the terms and conditions of scholarships and financial aid. Once opting to receive this information electronically, the student will remain "opted-in" for any future semesters.

How to Set-up the Financial Aid “Opt-in” Feature:

  1. Log-in to with username and password
  2. Go to Self Service
  3. Select Students
  4. Select My Financial Account
  5. Select Financial Aid Opt-in

Once opted-in to this feature, the student will remain opted-in for future semesters.

Financial Aid Award Letter – Accept/Reject Awards Online

If a student has opted in for electronic acceptance of their financial aid, they will be able to view their award letter online.  Information will be sent to the student email account when their award letter is available to view.

The Account Summary by Term provides the detail of the various charges, credits, payments or financial aid on a student’s account.  Pending Financial Aid is an estimate based upon conditions of your enrollment and eligibility charges.  It counts towards a balance owing for a particular term, however, it may indicate that additional steps are required before the financial aid is processed and awarded.  Until Financial Aid is “transmitted”, continue to monitor your SVSU email for updates on award processing.

How to Log-into Account Summary by Term:

  1. Log-in to with username and password
  2. Go to Self Service
  3. Select Students
  4. Select My Financial Account
  5. Select Account Summary by Term
  6. Select “Choose One” for the term desired and then click the “Submit” button.

If applying for financial aid, students can opt to have any excess funds in advance for textbook purchases at the SVSU bookstore. To learn more select Bookstore Advance.

This option allows students to set up direct deposit (U.S. Financial Institutions only) for any refunds issued as the result of remaining financial aid or the result of dropping courses or withdraws.  Select the following link to learn more and enroll in direct deposit.


Campus Financial Services Center
Wickes Hall 131A
(989) 964-4900

Scholarships & Financial Aid
Wickes Hall 141
(989) 964-4900

Office of the Registrar
Wickes Hall 151
(989) 964-4085