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Banner with an image of two women with the words, SVSU, Saginaw Valley State University, Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

Mission Statement

Our Mission and Vision

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  1. Promote understanding and implementation of high-impact, evidence-based pedagogical practices designed to support student success.
  2. Support faculty in leveraging technology to enhance learning and to address teaching and learning challenges.
  3. Build a community of faculty who are engaged in discussion on the topics of teaching and learning.

Core Values

  • We value innovation in teaching that engages students in learning.
  • We are committed to developing inclusive teaching, scholarship, and professional development that foster diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • We promote evidence-based practices that improve Teaching and Learning and contribute to student success.
  • We are dedicated to experiential learning.
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What We Can Do for You

The core of our mission is to partner with departments and faculty to support student learning. We offer a variety of programs to advance academic innovation initiatives on campus: