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2022-2023 Faculty Learning Communities

The Mid-Career/Senior Faculty Learning Community (FLC) will focus on examining the impact of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion on your teaching. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) are topics that have received considerable attention in our current social environment. Many of our national associations have highlighted the importance of including DEI in the curriculum of higher education courses. In addition, faculty members are being asked to assist students in becoming culturally competent. As a result of this and the diversification of our student body, faculty members are considering how to ensure that they meet the needs of their students. This Faculty Learning Community (FLC) will encourage faculty members to engage with the content of their curriculum in ways that ensure that all students feel welcomed and valued in their academic spaces. Join this FLC and together you will explore what DEI means in the development of your curriculum, how it could impact your course development and ways that you can effectively create spaces where students feel a sense of belonging.

The Study Abroad FLC will focus on the connections between Study Abroad and Experiential Learning. Study abroad experiences can be deeply educational, well beyond what a standard on-campus course can offer — students find themselves in an unfamiliar cultural and physical landscape that asks them to consider the taken-for-granted ways of life within which they were raised. And instructors are there to guide their students through this experience. Are we, though, equipped to help our students make the most of their study abroad educations? How can we best structure a study abroad experience so that students can gain the most from their trip? What pedagogical techniques and evaluation methods are the most effective in eliciting reflective growth from a study abroad experience? Approaching study abroad trips as a unique form of experiential learning, this faculty learning community (FLC) is focused on improving how we organize and deliver an educational experience through our faculty-led study abroad trips. This FLC is open to people at different stages in the trip development process: from faculty who have a study abroad trip planned and wish to improve the educational impact, to faculty who are interested in developing a study abroad but may only have a country selected and a vague sense of the course to be offered. Whatever the stage of your trip’s development, if you are interested in joining a community of faculty wishing to create the most impactful study abroad experience for their students, then please apply!

The Career Preparation FLC is the result of a new partnership between CETL and Career Services. SVSU has worked consistently to ensure success among its student body. We have engaged with the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) to develop a student success plan. This plan identifies several factors that impact student success, among them are Employability. We know that SVSU’s faculty are experts in their field and students come away from these classes with a depth of subject matter knowledge. Because we cannot predict what careers will be in demand in the future, as a university we are actively engaging in educational experiences that prepare our students for future success in our rapidly changing society.

In our classes you assist your students in making sense of the whole, taking positions, and finding connections. In many cases, you are engaged in preparing your students for careers as they leave the university; we would like to assist in this process. Join us in this Faculty Learning Community as we partner with Career Services to identify methods that will engage our students in curricular or co-curricular activities to promote Career Success.