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Zion Lutheran Mural

Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church Mural Project, Saginaw

This painted project on plywood panels for Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church, 1209 Hancock Street, Saginaw, was developed with input and participation from Rev. Sue Hand, and parishioners Mr. & Mrs. Mike Nagel.  The church wanted bright, new imagery to welcome new members from its demographically-changing neighborhood.  Many of its older white parishioners had moved from Saginaw's west side to the township, and younger African-American and Mexican-American families had moved in. 

The four quadrants of the globe that is a symbol for the Lutheran synod encloses imagery of art and wine (the blood of life), water and spirit, community sports with youth, and communal gardens and dining together.  There were lively discussions between Lutheran and pagan members of the class.

Students in Winter 2014 Art 433 were Devereaux Beauchaine, Jayne Browning, Janel Deeren, Corbin Fetters, Eileen Gemborys, Jillian Gerhardt, Markel Haralson, Adam Stuart.  The mural was funded by the Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church.

Dvereaux Beauchaine & Adam Stuart Students involved in mural project
Devereaux Beauchaine & Adam Stuart‌‌
Ellen Gemborys & Jillian Gerhardt Students involved in mural project
Ellen Gemborys &
Jillian Gerhardt

Devereaux Beauchaine Studentinvolved in mural project
Devereaux Beauchaine‌



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