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Community Arts Research at SVSU


Purpose of C•A•Re 

C•A•Re is a project of the Saginaw Valley State University Art Department.  In it, SVSU students research and implement appropriate processes and technologies in the production of welcome, new, community-driven, public artworks.


To date, our focus has been murals in paint and pixel, but C•A•Re endeavors may come to include other architectural, festival, temporary and occasional artworks, as well as print, virtual (computer-resident), and online Web and phone app projects.  It is the content of the community that determines the form of the creative project.  Some artists that have visited SVSU to inspire us include Jon Lockard (2008), Judy Baca (2010) and Natalie Jeremijenko (2008).

More About C•A•Re

Mural Projects 2002 - 2018


The work of C•A•Re provides innovative, tangible, and beautiful evidence of SVSU's involvement in the various communities and neighborhoods of our region, and promotes these communities' communication, dialogue, invention, and creative interaction with our students.

—Mike Mosher

Professor, Art/Communication and Digital Media
mosher (at) SVSU (dot) edu
(989) 964-4977

photos: SVSU University Communications (top & bottom); 2007 digital mural (center).

Contact Us
(989) 964-4977(989) 964-4977


Mike Mosher
Department of Art
Studio 104