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C•A•Re: Community Arts Research at SVSU

About C•A•Re 


• C•A•Re works as a vehicle to support the art department’s biennial Art 433: Community Mural Painting, History & Technology course.  C•A•Re helps to publicize, document, and to help raise funds for larger Art department projects.

• C•A•Re brings community artists and other relevant speakers to campus to inspire and stimulate our students and neighbors in the production processes.

• C•A•Re publishes findings—especially encouraging student publication—and develops curriculum and educational materials as a result of its projects.

• C•A•Re serves as a contact with area neighborhoods and communities seeking artworks that represents them—their cultures, uniqueness, celebratory beauty, and concerns.

• C•A•Re helps place art students in neighborhood and community organization residencies, to help organize youth in the production of public art projects.

• C•A•Re is optimistic about the role of the artist in our region, in our time.  It therefore investigates interfaces with science and engineering in artistic production, and lessons artists can learn from their processes.

The small “e” can also stand for the electronic realm of digital communication, the virtual image, and cutting-edge technologies (i.e. haptics, telephony, robotics, biotechnology) employed in artistic creation. These can, in turn, bring more people into the artistic conversation, in order to create the appropriate artwork for our place and time.

One electronic project was the student webzine Reverberating Marks (2002).


Mural Projects 2002—2014

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