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Community Arts Research at SVSU

SVSU Greenhouse

Greenhouse door by Samantha Eurich.

Spring 2008
Michigan Avenue, (approx. one mile north east of the campus), University Center, MI
Acrylic paint on composite panel door.
SVSU Art Students Involved: Samantha Eurich (BFA '08).


Imagery of vegetables and flowers, an electricity-generating windmill, a composter and vermiculture: the use of worms to compost the university's food waste.  All appropriate to the university's conservation research site.


In 2008 Samantha Eurich also created digital signage for the SVSU Greenhouse, visible from Michigan Road.

That semester she also created a digital mural based on her 2007 photos and sketches from Senegal, for the Quotable Coffee shop in the Student Center (eradicated 2010).

Photos provided by Samantha Eurich.

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