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Community Arts Research

Saginaw High School


"Finding the Center: Celebrating Ourselves"

Winter 2008
Digital. Assembled in Adobe Photoshop, output on vinyl by Metromedia Technologies.
SVSU Art Students involved: Art 433 Community Mural Painting, History & Technology class: Heather Blanzy, Libby Booth, Whitney Dziurka, Robert Darabos, Lacresha Goodwin, Kevin Kucken, Ben Robinson, David Rivet, Dave Smith, and James Zimmer II.

Saginaw High School students came to SVSU's campus for our day-long workshop. The students were given tutorial sessions in the SVSU Writing Center. The high school students were partnered with volunteer writing center mentors, who worked one-on-one to give these students feedback on their writing. After lunch, the university and high school students went to an Art classroom, where SVSU students gave a series of “how-to” art presentations, after which the students created their own artwork.


Portrait drawings of Art 433 students by James Zimmer II.


Saginaw High School W 2008

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