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Mid-Michigan Medical Center - Midland, Michigan

Art 433 painted mural panels in two rooms of the the Rehabilitation Services pediatric therapy area at MidMichigan Medical Center—Midland, Wellness Drive, Midland, MI 48670, (989) 839-3000.

Cheerful, brightly-colored panels featured friendly animals to appeal to children, and scenes of healthy picnics encourage patients with eating and swallowing difficulties.

Students involved were Bethany Ambrose, Akia Bell, Ashley Bostwick, Samuel Dantuma, Jon Elliott, Randi Espinosa, Emily Finta, Kaitlyn Foulk, Kait Heins, Christine Janowiak, Caleb LeClair, Patricia McDonald, Crystal Porter, Ryan Shaffer, Renee Shelton, Garrett Weslock and Arielle Wells.

The murals were featured in the Midland Daily News.

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