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Community Arts Research at SVSU

Good Neighbors Mission: Exterior


Winter 2010
318 Cherry St., Saginaw, MI 48601-2123. (989) 399-9918.
Acrylics on eight shaped plywood panels, 4' x' 8 and 6' x 4'.


SVSU Art Students Involved:

Bethany Ambrose, Akia Bell, Amber Bennett, Corey Gilbert, Caleb Guthrie, Ryan Habermehl. 

Also Howard McLean (MA candidate, Education), Emeralda Perez Lopez (MA candidate, Communication & Digital Media).

About the Mural:

The mural was funded by the Saginaw Community Foundation grant to the Marshall M. Fredericks Sculpture Museum.  Youth from the Houghton-Jones neighborhood around Trinity Center were brought to SVSU to draw under the direction of student mentors from Art 433: Community Mural Painting, History & Technology.  Comfortable working with these students, they all then brainstormed ideas for positive directions for the neighborhood.  What do we want to see in Saginaw?  More recreation, love, peace and education, recycling and healthy eating, and an end to urban violence (one middle school girl had been wounded in a drive-by shooting). Art 433 then turned the ideas into imagery, and produced the panels,which were installed by Mr. Terry Wolff, aided by Howard McLean.


Kids coloring in coloring pages

News stories about the mural:

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