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Downtown Bay City Historical Panels

Ten painted panels depicting notables from the history of Bay City, installed upon the second story exterior of the Bayshire Building, corner of Saginaw & 4th Streets in Bay City, dedicated in a public event on Wednesday May 2, at 2:00 pm.

The project was funded by Bay City Downtown Management Board, coordinated by them and Studio23 Art Center. Their subject matter was inspired by an informative talk to the Art 433 Community Murals class by Eric Jylha early Winter semester 2018.

Civil War soldiers, fire rescue, local athletes and eccentrics, lumber industries, and rock music associated with the city are all honored in creative contemporary interpretations. Bay City’s prodigal daughter Madonna leads the Tall Ships.

The members of the class Art 433 Community Murals are Zainab Al Mahdi, Nyesha Clark, Eric Kroczaleski, Jocelyn Lewis, Matthew Massey, Carly Peil, Anna Slavin, Breonna Smith and Kyle Will.

Bay City Downtown mural 2018


The mural was noted in the REVIEW newspaper.


Al Mahdi - Downtown Bay City Historical Panels
Artist: Zainab Al Mahdi, "lumberjack"
Eric Kroczaleski - Downtown Bay City History Panels
Artist: Eric Kroczaleski, "fire rescue"

 A bay city mural

Photo © Chrysanthe Mosher 2018

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