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Image 1: Students working together to build a tower. Image 2: SVSU President Donald Bachand chatting with a couple of students. Image 3: Students paying attention during a presentation.

SUPO Promise

The SUPO Promise is a $2,000 (renewable up to 4 years) scholarship, which is available to all who graduate from an SVSU authorized Public School Academy and have attended the minimum amount of years.

If you say yes to ALL of the statements below, you automatically qualify for the SUPO Promise, no application necessary!

  • I attended one of the SVSU authorized Public School Academies listed below:
    • K‐8th Grade Academies (Must have attended at least grades 5‐8)
      • Branch Line School
      • Chatfield School
      • Faxon Academy
      • Flat River Academy
      • Kingsbury County Day School
      • Muskegon Maritime Academy (must have attend at least grades 3-5)
      • New Dawn Academy
      • Saginaw Preparatory Academy
      • Waterford Montessori Academy
      • White Pine Academy
      • Winans Academy of Performing Arts
      • Woodland School
    • K-12th Grade Academies (Must have attended at least grades 10‐12)
      • Cesar Chavez
      • Chandler Park
      • Charlevoix Academy
      • Landmark Academy
      • Merritt Academy
      • Oakland International Academy
      • Pontiac Academy for Excellence
      • Sigma Academy for Leadership and Early Middle College
      • The New Standard
  • I am a graduating high school senior
  • I applied to SVSU and received an acceptance letter


Cardinal Partnership Program
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(989) 964-7374