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Facilities Planning & Construction

Mission: We envision and create safe and comfortable learning, living and work environments through innovative, sustainable planning that inspires the community.

Vision: Facilities Planning and Construction will be known as leaders in functional and responsive solutions, sustainable design and energy conservation through the use of modern technology and resources.

Facilities Planning & Construction serves as the conduit for information between the campus community and construction professionals.


When using a general contractor project delivery - we post an approved bidders list in the project documents. You will be contacted by the general contractor.

When using a construction manager/constructor project delivery - an invitation to bid will come directly from the university or the University’s design professionals.

You must fill out the Request for Inclusion (129KB) . You will receive a letter from the university when you have been approved.

We do not keep an approved list of professionals. We keep on file the names of all professionals who have shown an interest in working with the University. We use this list when selecting firms to submit qualifications for specific projects.


Campus Facilities
South Campus Complex A
Phone - (989) 964-4080 (24/7)
Fax - (989) 964-4096

Planning & Construction
South Campus Complex A
(989) 964-4074

Motor Pool
South Campus Complex A
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