Campus Facilities

Facility Operations

SVSU's 107 academic & auxiliary buildings, totaling over 2.3 million square feet, are exceptionally maintained through our professional custodial & housekeeping, HVAC, and maintainable staff. Our proficient grounds & motor pool staff specially care for the 314 acres of SVSU's total 748 acre campus.

Facilities Planning & Construction

In concert with the Campus Master Plan (34,421kB), the planning & construction team oversee the project management of new construction and renovations strategically ensuring long-term sustainability, energy efficiency, and overall cost effectiveness.

Environmental Health & Safety

Ensuring the highest state of environmental health & safety standards are upheld throughout campus, both in the workplace and classrooms. 

Sustainability & Energy Management

SVSU is committed to conserving natural resources and promoting environmental quality through all aspects of university planning and operations and increasing responsiveness in our endeavor to achieve a more sustainable campus for future Cardinals.



Campus Facilities provides an environment that exceeds customer's expectations.


Campus Facilities is capable and committed to create and maintain an exceptional environment to sustain SVSU's competititve advantage.