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All University Awards

The All-University Awards Banquet is a tradition, held in April each year for employees. Awards are given to celebrate outstanding achievement in teaching, mentoring, involvement, and employee performance. Attendance is by invitation.

Ruben Daniels Community Service Award

The SVSU Ruben Daniels Community Service Award is named in honor of Mr. Ruben Daniels whose life exemplified the highest recognition of employee community involvement & service.
Deadline: February 14
Chair: Mamie Thorns

Roosevelt Ruffin Diversity Award

The SVSU Roosevelt Ruffin Award was created to promote and encourage support of diversity by recognizing individuals and/or groups of individuals at SVSU who have demonstrated outstanding leadership and creativity in the area of diversity.
Deadline: February 14
Chair: Mamie Thorns

Terry Ishihara Awards for Outstanding Co-Curricular Involvement

Presented annually to one faculty member and one staff member to recognize their contributions to students, the University and community through development of, as well as, participation and attendance at SVSU co-curricular activities.
Deadline: February 14
Chair: Sidney Childs

SVSU Outstanding Performance Award

The SVSU Outstanding Performance Award recognizes the accomplishments of an Administrative Professional and a Support Staff employee who have demonstrated outstanding individual and/or team performance at SVSU. The nomination form is online at the SVSU portal MySVSU.
Deadline: February 14
Chair: Corrie Piotrowski

The Thomson Award for Empowering Learning in Community Engagement

The Thomson Award for Empowering Learning in Community Engagement is awarded annually to one full-time faculty member, staff member or team of SVSU employees. Honorees are recognized for their innovation and leadership through community engagement.
Deadline: February 14
Chair: Brian Thomas

Mary H. Anderson Adjunct Faculty Award

This endowment was established by Andrew F. Anderson in honor of Mary H. Anderson who has been an adjunct faculty member since the founding of SVSU. The award recognizes of the endowment is to provide funds for the Mary H. Anderson Adjunct Faculty Award.
Deadline: February 14
Chair: Ann Coburn-Collins

House Family Award for Teacher Impact

This award annually recognizes the SVSU professor who had the greatest positive impact on a graduate in business, arts, humanities, or education program. This is not an award for excellence in teaching but rather an award for the faculty member who had a significant and positive impact on a student’s life.
Deadline: February 14
Chair: Brian Thomas

Earl L. Warrick Award for Excellence in Research

The Earl Warrick Award is given annually to an SVSU faculty member who has made a significant and/or longstanding contribution to the advancement of knowledge in a recognized field of scholarship or artistic endeavor.
February 14
Chair: Joshua Ode

Franc A. Landee Teaching Excellence Award

Each year the University recognizes one, or occasionally two, full-time faculty member(s) as the recipient(s) of the Franc A. Landee Award for Teaching Excellence. Alumni, students, faculty and staff may nominate candidates.
Deadline: February 14
Chair: Joshua Ode

Distinguished Service Medallion

The Distinguished Service Medallion recognizes the University's most active and effective friends. It is the most prestigious service award presented by Saginaw Valley State University.
Deadline: February 14
Chairs: Andrew Bethune

Excellence in Online Teaching Award

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This award recognizes a faculty member who has demonstrated excellence in online/hybrid teaching by creatively and effectively using appropriate technologies and best practices to design and teach online and/or hybrid courses at SVSU. The nominee must have designed and taught one or more online or hybrid courses using innovation with a demonstrated impact on student learning. Alumni, students, faculty and staff may nominate candidates.
Deadline: February 14
Chair: Poonam Kumar

Ruth and Ted Braun Fellowship Program

The Saginaw Community Foundation has established the Ruth and Ted Braun Fellowship Program. Braun Fellows will be expected to produce a body of professional or academic work for publication or presentation during or at the conclusion of the Fellowship term. Selection is based on a record of publication or other scholarly or professional accomplishments and service to students. 
Deadline: September 15
Chair: Saginaw Community Foundation