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DROP OFF DATES: April 24th - April 27th, 11am – 3pm 
Please bring submissions to Arbury 112

All mediums are acceptable, art work must be from the current academic year (Fall 2016/Winter 2017), and you can submit up to three works.  All works must be exhibition ready (framed and/or wired for 2D works, 3D works must have a stand or be pedestal stable).  For more details 12th Annual Student Exhibition Information (176kB)




Justin M. Bell ‌

Justin M. Bell

Hometown:  Troy, Michigan

Major:  Graphic Design

Graduation: December 2016 

Current Occupation:  Graphic Designer at Perrin Brewery, Comstock Park, Michigan.

Greatest assets of the SVSU Art Department: "SVSU's Art department taught me how to design, but also offered countless other skills to me such as photography and coding.  In this, SVSU supplied the tools for me to start on the road to becoming the best designer and creative thinker I can be. Many students coming into college are worried about having a "difficult" professor or a professor that is not helpful. ....more


PaKeitha (Pkay) Oldham

Hometown:  Detroit, Michigan

Major:  Graphic Design
Minor:  Art

Graduation: May 2016


Pakeitha (Pkay) Oldham photo

Current Occupation: Graduating with a BA in Graphic Design and a Master of Arts in Communication and Digital Media from SVSU May 2016 and moving to Detroit, MI to work for Quicken Loans as a Graphic Designer.
Greatest assets of the SVSU Art Department:  "The SVSU Art department is made up of many great professors and students that make the program as great as it is. Being surrounded by highly dedicated professors and being able to have that interpersonal relationship with them is one of the greatest assets. It’s one thing for a student to be passionate about their work and art but also having that support system from your professors/faculty really brings out that passion and that’s exactly what the SVSU Art Department did for me."....more

Jessica Clingenpeel photo Jessica Clingenpeel

Lakeport, Michigan

Graphic Design

Graduation: May 2016

Currently:  Part-time Graphics Associate at Fabiano Brothers, Post Graduation:  Full-time Junior Graphic Designer at Morley.

Greatest asset of the SVSU Art Department:  "The professors help mentor you through your program. Your peers are welcoming and ready to share knowledge. My first two years of college I chose a private art school, thinking it was a much better choice. I was wrong, I transferred to SVSU and right away things started to click.  ....more"


Department of Art

It is the goal of the Department of Art to develop a student's artistic knowledge and skills to a professional level, which provides leadership for our society as well as to prepare them for graduate school and future employment in an art related field.  The Department also places it general goal to be recognized as a leader in art and art education and as the important cultural resource for the region and the state.

Program of Study

The visual arts curriculum at SVSU includes art history and studio courses in ceramics, graphic design, drawing, painting, photography, printmaking, and sculpture.  The Department of Art is part of the College of Arts and Behavioral Sciences.

Students may earn a B.A. in Art, Graphic Design, or Visual Arts Education, and also a B.F.A. degree.

Because most classes do not exceed 25 students at SVSU, you'll work closely with art professors who are accomplished artists in their own right. Their paintings, photographs, prints, and sculptures have been exhibited at numerous regional and national shows.

You also will be exposed to the creativity of other outstanding contemporary artists whose works are exhibited in the Art Department Gallery, located on the first floor of the Arbury Fine Arts Center.



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Miles Nitz working in the photography studio, 2015

Art Student Clubs & Organizations
C•A•Re Community Arts Research in murals, public works
Battle of the Arts

Work by senior art majors.
BFA Exhibitions