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Why Writing Matters at Saginaw Valley State University

Writing at SVSU

To develop leadership capabilities and professional expertise, students must become effective communicators. Because effective writing is an expectation in all professions, writing is integrated into all aspects of SVSU’s curriculum and is actively supported by the Office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs.

Each discipline or field of study at SVSU shares some common expectations with writers in other disciplines (e.g., clarity, logical organization, evidence for assertions, appropriate citations). However, each field of study also has unique expectations and conventions that reflect the values and processes in that discipline.

In recognition of the diversity of SVSU’s programs and student needs, Why Writing Matters provides specific writing characteristics of each program, including how and why writing matters, typical writing assignments, qualities of good writing, appropriate types of evidence and support, and citation conventions. Additionally, you will find Braun Writing Award winners that can serve as model papers/projects in nine departments; links to other departmental writing guidelines; and video messages from faculty whose insights can guide you as you develop your writing competencies.

Reading in the Disciplines

See the following:
Reading Across the Curriculum as the Key to Student Success.”Across the Disciplines, 4, May 14, 2007.

The Colleges

Writing Matters in Science, Engineering and Technology Writing Matters in Health and Human Services Writing Matters in Arts and Behavioral Sciences Writing Matters in Education Writing Matters in Business and Management

Perspectives on Writing

Dr. Eric Gilbertson, President Emeritus of SVSU, talks about the importance of writing in a college education.

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