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We Are Here to Help

If at any point in time during the study abroad planning process, you have a question or need some guidance, you are encouraged to contact the Study Abroad Office.  Staff advisors and peer advisors are available to assist you throughout the study abroad experience. 

Advisors can help you to understand...

  • How to choose the right study abroad program
  • What funding is available to cover the cost of the program
  • How to choose courses and obtain approval for major-related classes
  • The process to obtain a passport, visa, or plane ticket
  • What to pack and prepare for before departure

...or to address any other questions and concerns that arise.

Advisors can also provide you with the contact information of students who have been on the same (or a similar) program.  Our study abroad alumni are excited to talk about their experiences abroad and to give you tips and pointers to help you prepare for your study abroad experience!

Please use this Bookings link or contact the Study Abroad Office ( to set up an appointment.