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We Are Here to Help

If at any point in time during the study abroad planning process, you have a question or need some guidance, you are encouraged to contact the Study Abroad Office.  Staff advisors and peer advisors are available to assist you throughout the study abroad experience. 

Advisors can help you to understand...

  • How to choose the right study abroad program
  • What funding is available to cover the cost of the program
  • How to choose courses and obtain approval for major-related classes
  • The process to obtain a passport, visa, or plane ticket
  • What to pack and prepare for before departure

...or to address any other questions and concerns that arise.

Advisors can also provide you with the contact information of students who have been on the same (or a similar) program.  Our study abroad alumni are excited to talk about their experiences abroad and to give you tips and pointers to help you prepare for your study abroad experience!

Study Abroad Coordinator: Aileen Ash

Aileen Ash joined SVSU in January 2016 as the Study Abroad Coordinator. Before accepting this position, she graduated from Bowling Green State University earning a Master of Cross-Cultural and International Education. Her international experiences include studying abroad for a semester in New Zealand while working on her undergraduate degree at the University of Rhode Island where she majored in Wildlife Conservation Biology and minored in International Development. She has also participated in a Spanish immersion program in Bocas del Toro, Panama and completed an internship in Cusco, Peru where she taught English in an after-school program. Through these opportunities, Aileen has been able to experience and understand the long-lasting benefits of studying abroad, which has driven her to seek a career where she can encourage American college students to enhance their education through international experiences. 

Phone: 989-964-7360



Peer Advisor: Pedro Baccarin

Pedro Baccarin is a student from Brazil currently attending his senior year majoring in International Business. He also studied abroad for a full year in Shanghai, China during academic year 2017-2018. Pedro advocates for hands on multi-cultural experiences and strives to not only promote diversity but to also live that path. He joined the Study Abroad Office in December 2018 and is looking forward to work with prospective students who want to learn more about studying abroad while attending college.

Phone: 989-964-7337


Peer Advisor: Nathan Hankerson

Nathan Hankerson is currently in his third year at SVSU, majoring in biology and pre-med hopeful. For the past two summers, he has worked with Study Abroad Inbound, focusing more on international students and their stay in the United States. Nathan has studied abroad in Guanajuato, Mexico and knows that it can be challenging at times, so he is hoping to provide adequate insight and guidance to those interested in going abroad themselves. Getting the chance to experience a variety of different cultures is invaluable and he can't wait to get started in the Study Abroad Office.

Phone: 989-964-7337


Peer Advisor: Maria Raab

Maria Raab is currently a 4th year student finishing up her Spanish Major to gain her teaching certification. She studied abroad in Costa Rica with ISA during Summer 2018 and has worked with the Shanghai Normal inbound study abroad program. She has a passion for language learning and learning about different cultures. Maria plans on studying abroad two more times before graduating and completing half of her student teaching abroad.

Phone: 989-964-7337


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