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Outbound Study Abroad Faculty Exchange

About Outbound Faculty Exchange at SVSU

SVSU Faculty have connections around the world. Through the Study Abroad Office and different departments on campus, professors and staff from SVSU participate in a wide variety of teaching, research, and other professional activities ranging from short-term international conferences to multi-month teaching experiences. SVSU has partnerships with three universities that offer regular faculty exchange programs*.

*Opportunities for exchange in China have been nonexistent since March 2020. SVSU is committed to maintaining these partnerships and has been in contact with our sister institutions throughout the pandemic. If all goes well, SVSU expects to resume some outbound exchange opportunities there in 2024.

Shikoku University
Jinan University
Shenyang Aerospace University
Other International Universities

Inbound Faculty Exchange

Help an exchange faculty member feel at home at SVSU!

SVSU is proud to host faculty from around the world who teach, conduct research, and engage in a wide variety of activities as part of the SVSU community. SVSU typically hosts two to five visitors each year with priority given to visitors from our partner universities. 

The experience of these visiting faculty members can be richer and more authentic when members of the SVSU community invite and accompany them to academic and cultural experiences (on and off campus). 

If you are willing to have a visiting faculty member accompany you to an on or off campus experience, please e-mail Ju Yu Chen to express your interest. She can be reached at

Faculty-Led Study Abroad Program Planning

About Faculty-led Study Abroad Program Proposals

Faculty members who wish to take students on an experiential learning experience through a Study Abroad program must submit a proposal which then goes through a review process. Proposals are generally submitted on or before June 1 of a given calendar year and are for Faculty-led Study Abroad programs taking place during the Winter, Spring/Summer, or Fall semesters of the next calendar year. (For example, a proposal submitted on June 1, 2024 would be for a program going in Winter, Spring/Summer or Fall 2025 semester).   

Submissions currently being accepted through June 1, 2024

The submission portal for 2025 Faculty-led Study Abroad Programs can be found here

Helpful Documents for Planning

Faculty-led Study Abroad Program Planning Guide (148KB) throughout the process.     

Template Faculty-led Study Abroad Proposal June 2023 Submission (183KB)

Template Faculty-led Study Abroad Budget Submission June 1, 2023 (86KB)


Please contact the Study Abroad Office at if you have any questions! 


Program Providers

The providers listed below can help you develop a program that will meet your academic needs and goals.

Education First College Study Tours
International Study Programs
Academic Programs International