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Programs of Distinction

‌College is about learning, finding and exploring your passions, and taking the biggest step toward becoming the person you are meant to be. Excellence in whatever field you choose to pursue lies at the heart of SVSU’s Programs of Distinction. With diverse backgrounds in the Great Lakes Bay Region and beyond, students seeking specialized coursework, individual research experience, community service leadership and international travel are invited to join the best and brightest in six top programs distinguishing SVSU among institutions across Michigan. With majors as diverse as Accounting, Theatre, and Physics, Programs of Distinction students don’t just take part in the University – they shape it.

First Year Opportunities

Why wait? You're ready for a challenge and are looking for opportunities to explore and expand your academic achievement, your leadership skills or your community involvement. We have a program of distinction that will do just that - and more. 

Beyond the First Year

Some Programs of Distinction begin after that first year. They allow you to develop qualities and to enhance a skill set that employers are looking for. Maybe research is your passion. Perhaps you are a natural-born leader. Or are you that person who is interested in bettering the world around you? Look no further. Check out the opportunities that are available to you beyond your freshman year.

Any Point Along the Way

There are opportunities in Programs of Distinction all along your undergrad journey at SVSU. UGRP and The Wolohan Fellowship are just two examples.