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Courses of Study for Pre-Law Specialization

Law schools do not specify a particular major which students must complete as undergraduates.

To prepare for law school, students should take courses that develop skills in writing, public speaking, logical reasoning, analytical reasoning, historical research, and accounting principles. Any major can be chosen to study for law study but it is critical to have courses where you have to read case law and focus on developing your writing skills. Please consult with Dr. Keil to choose an appropriate major and course of study.

    • PS 370 Federal and State Courts
    • PS 356 Human Rights
    • PS 330 American Constitutional Law: Rights & Liberties
    • PS 329 American Constitutional Law: Institutions
    • PS 328 Moot Court
    • PS 306 International Law 
    • CJ 206 International Law
    • CJ 303 Criminal Courts
    • CJ 305 Criminal Law
    • CJ 360 Evidence & Criminal Procedure 
    • PHIL 114 Introduction to Logic
    • PHIL 210A Applied Ethics in Law & Society
    • PHIL 214 Symbolic Logic
    • PHIL 331 Law, Liberty, and Morality
    • PHIL 335 Philosophy of Law 
    • LAW 208 Law & Society
    • LAW 308 Society, Political & Legal Environment Business
    • LAW 309 Private Business Law
    • LAW 407 International Law
    • LAW 408 Labor Law

Most important is the quality of your academic work and the academic and intellectual skills you develop in your course of study.

A number of majors at SVSU can serve as preparation for law school: Political Science, Criminal Justice, Accounting, Communication, English, History, and Management.


Pre-Law Advisor
Julie A Keil

Gilbertson Hall-North Wing 227