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SVSU Pre-Professional


We are SVSU — we are the Cardinals who are driven to attend leading professional schools to become doctors and lawyers, dentists and pharmacists. Our pre-law and pre-health professions students receive one-on-one advising. We have more than 10 health-related pre-professional programs that prepare students for advanced degrees, and our students excel in gaining admission to top schools. After completing your bachelor's degree at SVSU, you will be competing for admission to coveted spots in highly selective programs. For 2017, 81 percent of SVSU students who applied were accepted into their chosen professional program. Nationally for that class, 43 percent of applicants were accepted into a Doctor of Medicine program; 40 percent of applicants were accepted into a dental school. SVSU alumni have graduated from top law schools such as Georgetown and the University of Michigan, and our moot court program is currently ranked No. 24 in the nation (out of more than 425). Our students exceed expectations and are determined to shine as they advance to the next step in their path to success. Whether you are looking to add “Dr.,” “J.D.” or other credentials to your name, it all can be part of our Cardinal journey.



At SVSU, your path can lead you anywhere. We are Cardinals: distinguished Honors Scholars, committed community activists,
determined pre-med students and passionate pre-law students. Whatever your path, we have your back.
Start envisioning what can happen when you're a Cardinal.


Emmanuel Avelino, a 2016 biochemistry grad, was accepted into Central Michigan University College of Medicine, prepared to persevere. While at SVSU, he gained experiences at MidMichigan Health Hospital in Midland and Hurley Children's Hospital in Flint and formed a strong connection to those in Phi Delta Epsilon, an international medical fraternity.


Madison Laskowski gained experience arguing at the national level while at SVSU. She majored in political science, gaining a strong foundation in constitutional law and Supreme Court cases. This helped her in SVSU's moot court program. She competed nationally in 2017, and the program currently ranks 24th in the nation.

Image of Marshall M. Fredricks' two bears sculpture, covered in snow with SVSU's campus in the background

Support Your Cardinals

When you give back to SVSU, you are empowering the next generation of Cardinals to take flight. You can make a gift to any academic program or organization, benefiting students with scholarships, facilities with updates and research opportunities. We're grateful for the ways you changed this campus while you were here, and we invite you to continue that legacy today.