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Department of Philosophy

Philosophy courses develop your analytical skills, communication ability, and organizational aptitude - all of which employers need. Some of the specific fields SVSU Philosophy minors have entered include law, public administration, human resources, counseling and mediation services, journalism, editing and publishing, business, the ministry, and financial services, as well as graduate study and teaching in philosophy.

RTEmagicC_be9d44135a Students can enjoy The Edwards Lecture in Philosophy and Religion. This is an annual lecture series on campus. Recent topics include religion and politics, cosmology and the existence of God, and various perspectives on monotheism.

"Other than the fact that the issues are just interesting, the most important benefit of studying philosophy is that it helps you think better. No matter what a person does in life, thinking well is a highly valued skill." (Jeffrey Koperski - faculty)

"In Ethics, the issues are not only interesting; they have fairly immediate practical value. These are issues that we all have to deal with, and how we deal with them may be extremely important, to ourselves and to others. Classes concerning how to think clearly in resolving moral issues may critically affect the course of one's life, both personally and professionally." (Judith Hill - faculty)

"Far from being airy, armchair speculation, most of what philosophers do is intensely practical and immediately applicable to everyday life. The problems faced by the classical philosophers and the solutions they proposed are well worth taking seriously right now in our own lives." (Drew Hinderer - faculty)

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