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Web Accessibility Policy 4.6-5


Public Relations & Communications
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President - PRES
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University Communications
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This policy establishes minimum standards for the accessibility of web-based information and services considered necessary to meet Saginaw Valley State University's goals and ensure compliance with applicable law. The University has assigned web accessibility responsibilities to its Web Accessibility Coordinator, 374 Wickes Hall, 989-964-7303,

This policy applies to all official University web pages and associated web-based services developed by or for a college, school, department, program, or unit of the University.


Accessibility Standards

All new web pages published by any University college, school, department, program, or unit on or after the effective date of this policy must conform to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 Level AA Technologies Accessibility Standards and this policy.

Availability of Online Content

All web-based locally installed technology, as well as software obtained from third-parties that the University chooses to make available on University websites, is expected to conform to accessibility standards set forth in this policy. Accessibility of these technologies should be verified by University staff with demonstrated ability in accessibility evaluation. This verification process should be accomplished through hands-on evaluation of the product, prior to purchase.

When evaluating third-party products, it is advisable to choose the most accessible product in the space. However, not always will there be accessible choices, or the most accessible choice may not align with other dominant selection criteria. In cases where a product with limited accessibility has been purchased, interim, equivalent accommodations documented in an approved ADA exception should be in place until the service can be made accessible.

Upon specific request, information on web pages and resources that are out of date or in archive status (e.g. no longer in use but subject to records retention plans) containing core administrative or academic information, official records, and similar information is to be made available/accessible to any individual needing access to such content, by revision or otherwise.

Each web site must contain a link to report accessibility issues, or to request an accessible version, should users have trouble accessing content within the site. This would usually be the site administrator or content author.

Annual Training

Accessibility training will be provided and required of all faculty, staff and other authorized representatives prior to being given access to manage any online content through the Content Management System (CMS) or through remote access to a web server (FTP, SFTP, SSH, etc.).

This training will help content administrators produce accessible content and assess and correct content that may be inaccessible. All content administrators and editors will be required to attend Accessibility Training on an annual basis as long as they manage online content.

Accessibility Audit

Weekly accessibility audit (Audit) reports are conducted under the direction of the Web Accessibility Coordinator, during which information provided by the University through its online content is measured against the technical standard(s) adopted in the Web Accessibility Policy. The Audits consist of a sampling of University developed URL’s based on a reasonable determination of online content accessibility priorities. All problems identified through the Audit will be documented, evaluated, and, if necessary, remediated within a reasonable period of time.


If necessary, at the discretion of the Web Accessibility Coordinator or their designees, some or all non-compliant portions of the web pages and resources may be taken offline or brought into compliance by designated staff or contractors.

Contact Information

Any concerns with the accessibility of online content should be directed to the University’s Web Accessibility Coordinator, 374 Wickes Hall, 989-964-7303,  or via the Web Accessibility Reporting link at

You may also utilize the Section 504 and Title II grievance procedures found at


Procedures:  Any person that has a concern can submit the issue via the Web Accessibility link found on the SVSU webpage at  


  • Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 - A wide range of recommendations for making Web content more accessible. Following these guidelines will make content accessible to a wider range of people with disabilities, including blindness and low vision, deafness and hearing loss, learning disabilities, cognitive limitations, limited movement, speech disabilities, photosensitivity and combinations of these. Following these guidelines will also make your Web content more usable to users in general.

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