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Use of University Symbols and Letterhead 5.3-1


Public Relations & Communications
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President - PRES
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University Communications
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This policy is intended to provide guidelines and requirements for the use of the University’s three logos: The University seal, SVSU logo and Cardinal, and protect the use of SVSU trademarks.


The University seal, SVSU logo and Cardinal are all copyrighted symbols.

The SVSU seal is reserved for use exclusively by the Office of the President. It is also used on diplomas, certificates, legal documents and other items of an equally official purpose. Anyone outside of the Office of the President desiring to use the seal must first obtain approval through the Office of University Communications.

The SVSU logo is the primary academic branded mark that helps to communicate a strong academic rigor and a positive institutional identity. It should be used on all SVSU stationery, business cards, digital and printed marketing and advertising communications. Refer to the University Communications website for versions and guidelines on colors and usage.

The Cardinal logo is the branded identity mark primarily for SVSU Intercollegiate Athletics to use on uniforms, gear, digital media and any marketing and advertising of the SVSU athletic teams. The Cardinal is also a campus-wide “spirit mark” and may also be used by any office or department that wishes to order gift items or apparel that is considered “spirit gear” to show school pride as a Cardinal.

The following requirements apply to the use of the SVSU logo, Cardinal and the University stationery system:

All visual media representing any official University department, college or program must include either the SVSU logo or Cardinal. This applies to all digital and printed media. Guidelines for size, color and placement of each are included in the Graphic Standards Manual on the University Communications website.

  1. The SVSU logo and Cardinal must be reproduced from trademarked original digital files (i.e., EPS, PNG, PDF and JPG) from the Office of University Communications. They may not be redrawn, re-proportioned or modified in any way (i.e., “compressed” or “stretched” to fit into incompatible proportions), substituted fonts, reproduced with unauthorized colors and patterns, etc.
  2. All logo symbols may be used in either a positive or reverse (negative) form in white. The SVSU logo should be printed horizontally in most applications. A centered SVSU logo is available to be used in more vertical formats to allow for better readability in a narrow space. The Cardinal head must always face to the right. None of the SVSU registered trademarks should be tilted, skewed or rotated at any time.
  3. University letterhead, envelopes and business cards must be confined to official institutional business. Only University employees or designated students or agents of the institution may use University letterhead. University letterhead is not appropriate for non-institutional purposes and/or business of a personal nature. University letterhead may not be used to issue institutional policy or for political or commercial endorsements, unless such statements and endorsements represent an institutional position approved through appropriate channels. “Institutional purposes” include those authorized by Statute of Public Act and those not expressly prohibited by Statute of Public Act. All use of university letterhead must be consistent with the institutional mission.
  4. Groups affiliated with Saginaw Valley State University that wish to use an organizational logo in conjunction with the name of the institution must seek approval in advance from University Communications.


The licensing program is designed to protect, promote and support the use of all SVSU trademarks.  Any item bearing the University’s name or logo must be approved by University Communications and be licensed through Learfield Licensing.

Only licensed vendors are authorized to produce promotional items for SVSU. The SVSU Business Services ensures that imprinted items are ordered through a purchase requisition and from a licensed vendor.

Procedures:  N/A


SVSU Trademark:  Symbols and words legally registered to SVSU, may include any artwork related to the presentation of the following:

  • The SVSU logo
  • The words “Saginaw Valley State University”
  • The acronym “SVSU”
  • The Cardinal
  • The University seal

Licensing: An agreement and authorization between SVSU and external organizations for the use of registered trademarks to manufacture and distribute products under this trademark.

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