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Substance Abuse Policy and Regulations 4.3-1


Health & Safety
Authorizing Body:
Executive Vice President for Administration & Business Affairs – EVP-ABA
Responsible Department:
Student Affairs
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Persons are expected to assume responsibility for their own behavior while drinking and must understand that being under the influence of alcohol in no way lessens their accountability to the University community.


Saginaw Valley State University recognizes that the misuse of alcohol and other drugs constitutes a threat to the integrity of the University community. Substance abuse can endanger the health and careers of students, faculty and staff. Saginaw Valley State University is committed to implementing a program that will set forth guidelines, provide education, assist with intervention, and provide counseling or referral as appropriate. Enforcement of institutional regulations and federal, state, and local laws related to substance use and abuse will be necessary to insure the welfare of all members of the campus community.


  1. Violations of federal, state or local law and violations of SVSU regulations will constitute a violation of the Saginaw Valley State University Judicial Code. (ref: Student Handbook)
  2. Usage of all drugs is prohibited except when administered within recommended therapeutic doses, when prescribed by a physician for an individual, and when in accordance with federal, state, and local laws.
  3. The sale of any drug(s) by an unlicensed individual is illegal. Individuals in violation of this policy may be charged and fully prosecuted through a criminal court and/or under the Saginaw Valley State University Judicial Code.
  4. The sale or providing of alcoholic beverages to minors is illegal. Any individual selling or providing alcoholic beverages to a minor may be charged and fully prosecuted through the SVSU Judicial Code and/or criminal court.

Education Guidelines

  1. A standing Committee for Substance Abuse shall be appointed to insure the implementation and continuity of a substance abuse education, intervention, counseling and referral program.
  2. Student record confidentiality is assured by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.

Alcohol Regulations

  1. Possession of alcohol is not permitted on campus by any person who is under 21 years of age.
  2. Consumption of alcohol by those over 21 years of age or older is permitted:
    • In Residence Halls -
      1. Only in rooms and suites where one or more residents are at least 21 years of age and only by those who are at least 21. Possession and consumption of alcohol is not permitted in suites where all residents are under 21 or in rooms where both residents are under 21.
      2. Possession of open alcohol outside of suites is not permitted.
    • In Pine Grove Apartments -
      1. Only in apartments where one or more residents are at least 21 years of age and only by those who are at least 21.
      2. Possession of open alcohol is not permitted outside apartments.
  3. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted at athletic events, concerts, or any other event open to the campus community or general public.
  4. Kegs of any size or any common source of alcoholic beverages are not permitted on campus at any time.
  5. Use of alcoholic beverages at special events
    1. Student events that involve the use of alcoholic beverages must be approved in advance by the Dean of Student Affairs.
    2. The possession and consumption of alcoholic beverages by non-student groups, including off-campus groups and organizations, must be approved in advance by the Dean of Student Affairs or his designee.
    3. Blanket authorization for the use of alcoholic beverages may be given by the Dean of Student Affairs to a group or organization which plans repeated events.
  6. The sponsors of events for which the use of alcoholic beverages has been approved are responsible for preventing consumption by persons under 21 years of age. ID's are to be checked at all events which those under 21 years are expected to attend. Hand stamps shall be used on those of legal drinking age. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages shall be clearly designated as such. A sign restricting consumption to those of legal drinking age must be posted at the location of the alcoholic beverage. Non-alcoholic beverages must be available as an alternative drink at any event approved for the consumption of alcoholic beverages.
  7. The sale and/or use of alcoholic beverages is prohibited at any function for which there is any charge related to that event (entrance fee, sale of food, ice, or other beverage). If the payment for meals, entrance fee, ice, etc. is made from organizational funds (other than funds belonging to student organizations) rather than from charges related to that event, alcoholic beverages may be approved.
  8. Student organization funds shall not be used for the purchase of alcoholic beverages.
  9. In accordance with Public Act 81 of 1983, Saginaw Valley State University recognizes its ability to obtain up to five special liquor control licenses per calendar year. For detailed information on the appropriate procedure to apply for a special liquor license, contact the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs.
  10. The use of alcohol in the teaching of SVSU courses is permitted when the instruction occurs in an academic building of the University. The course must be under the supervision of a faculty member, the purpose must be solely educational, and the beverage must be a legal one as defined by the Michigan Liquor Control Act.
  11. Explicit advertising in University publications or publicized notice on or off campus of the availability of alcoholic beverages at any events sponsored by a University group or individual is prohibited. (Campus Activities must approve campus advertising.)
  12. An individual, group, or organization sponsoring an event at which alcoholic beverages are to be used will be charged the direct cost of staffing the event with University Police officers. The University Police will determine whether officers are to be required by the University. Individuals, groups, or organizations may request officers for an event.
  13. Adherence to the SVSU alcohol beverage policy is the responsibility of organization advi-sors/sponsors for any events not licensed for the sale and use of alcoholic beverages. Advisors/sponsors are also responsible to insure there is no drug use at any event.
  14. Any violation of federal, state, or local law regarding the possession and/or use of alcoholic beverage and/or illegal drugs shall be considered a violation of this policy.
  15. Any disruptive behavior, including but not limited to public drunkenness, violence, destruction of property, or bodily assault, which in any way is related to the consumption of alcohol and/or another drug, is considered a violation of University policy. Violations will be enforced under the SVSU Judicial Code and the appropriate criminal laws.
  16. The sale and/or use of alcoholic beverages at a University or student organization sponsored event held at an off-campus location which is licensed for the use of alcohol and specifically reserved for the event will be the responsibility of the proprietor, owner, or manager of the facility.
  17. Any exceptions to this policy must be approved by the Dean of Student Affairs.