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Environmental Health and Safety Policy 4.3-4


Health & Safety
Authorizing Body:
Executive Vice President for Administration & Business Affairs – EVP-ABA
Responsible Department:
Campus Facilities
Applies To:
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Adopted Date:
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The University endeavors to maintain safe working conditions for its staff and a safe and healthy environment for its students and visitors. 


All University staff in supervisory positions are responsible for maintaining conditions which will provide for the safety, well-being and safe conduct of all people who report to him/her or who frequent his/her area.  Faculty and staff with supervisory responsibilities should ensure that their students and staff members are aware of the importance of safety, maintain safe working conditions, and set examples of safe conduct.  Everyone is required to observe established safety principles and procedures.

The Campus Facilities Department works with the University community to maintain a healthy learning and work environment.  The Department will:

a.    Survey matters of environmental health and safety, environmental sanitation, occupational safety, occupational health and accident prevention and radiation safety.

b.    Coordinate and assist in educating the standards applicable to University-associated activities and safety efforts throughout the University.

c.    Advise faculty and staff relating to biosafety and biological safety cabinets.

d.    Develop accident prevention programs.

e.    Provide advice.

f.     Render service.

g.    Investigate incidents in cooperation with other regulatory or law enforcement agencies.

The Director of Environmental Health and Safety reports hazardous conditions to the Executive Vice President for Administration & Business Affairs or designee, and to the office or department responsible for correction.