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Operations Manual Policy Guide 1.0-1


Authorizing Body:
Vice President for Administration & Business Affairs – VP-ABA
Responsible Department:
Admin. & Business Affairs
Applies To:
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Adopted Date:
Revised Date:
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To provide consistency and uniformity in the development, review, approval and maintenance of policies that have general University applicability.


Any policy, requirement or rule that has general applicability and governs the University operations shall be contained in the Operations Manual.  Those with authority to approve University policies include:

  • Board of Control - BC
  • President - PRES
  • Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs – Prvst & VPAA
  • Executive Vice President for Administration & Business Affairs – EVP-ABA

Individual administrative offices, departments and divisions may have various rules, policies and procedures that govern their operations but do not apply to the larger University community.  Those rules/polices are not to conflict with existing University policies and would be managed within the individual units.

The Office of Administration & Business Affairs is responsible for the maintenance and oversight of the Operations Manual.  All policies should be reviewed minimally every five years for appropriate revision and applicability.


Any department or division within the University may propose a new or revised policy that has general applicability throughout the University.  The Operation Manual Policy template should be used to develop the content, however, not every component of the template may apply.

Upon the development, the author/responsible office will vet the draft policy through administrative departments, committees or divisional units charged with enforcing or administering the policy, and their Vice President for review and modification.  The Office of General Counsel must review all operational manual policies prior to authorization.  Policies that fall within the scope of the SVSU Board of Control ByLaws must be approved by the Board of Control.

Subsequent to the vetting process, the University officer authorized to adopt the policy, shall forward an approved electronic copy to the Office of Administration & Business Affairs for inclusion in the Operational Manual found on the SVSU website –

It is the charge of the responsible office to initiate communication of the new or revised policies to the university community, ensure that the policy is reviewed regularly, updated as needed and monitored for compliance and effectiveness.


Prior authorization descriptions no longer applicable:

  • PS - President's Staff
  • VP-AA – Vice President, Academic Affairs
  • VP-ABA - Vice President, Administration & Business Affairs
  • VP-PA - Vice President, Public Affairs
  • VP-SS - Vice President, Student Services & Enrollment Management
  • ED-ITS – Executive Director Information Technology Services

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