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Alumni Testimonials

Saginaw Valley State University's Occupational Therapy program has developed a progressive, dynamic reputation for preparing graduates for a variety of occupational therapy roles.



Lynn Jezowski

Graduate, Masters of Science in Occupational Therapy - Advanced Practice Program

Lynn Jezowski is an occupational therapist with Midland Public Schools and a graduate of SVSU's Advanced Practice OT program. Wanting to improve herself professionally, Lynn decided to go back to school and says SVSU was the perfect fit, "a convenient way to advance my education" as she juggled her roles as mom, wife, employee and student. Read Lynn's story . . . [ more ]



Ellen Herlache, MA, OTR

Occupational Therapist, St. Mary’s of Michigan 
2002 Alumna

"I chose SVSU’s Occupational Therapy program because of its excellent reputation. As a student, I learned first-hand about the factors that make SVSU’s program outstanding. Our program was small enough for students and faculty to interact on a first-name basis, yet large enough to give us exposure to the wide variety of situations that we would encounter as future therapists.

In today’s complex health care environment, it is impossible to teach students about everything that they will encounter in the future as clinicians. At SVSU, in addition to receiving education regarding the basic skills required to be competent therapists, students are taught how to be problem-solvers. Students learn to reason through difficult clinical situations, work with other clinicians in a variety of disciplines, and conduct research to find the solutions necessary to provide the best care possible for clients, no matter the setting.

As a registered occupational therapist (OTR), I now have the opportunity to work as a clinical supervisor for occupational therapy students. I have worked with students from several occupational therapy programs, and am proud to say that SVSU students have consistently been the most successful in the clinical setting. I would highly encourage anyone considering Occupational Therapy as a career to choose SVSU."


Jamie McClintic, OTD, OTR

Occupational Therapist, Alpena, Montmorency, Alcona Educational Service District (AMA ESD) 
2007 Creighton University Medical Center Graduate 
2001 Occupational Therapy Alumna 

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"I had a dream of working as a pediatric occupational therapist in a school setting. I faced many challenges as I ventured to pursue my career; however, my experience at SVSU proved to be a vital link in obtaining my goal of becoming a distinguished therapist.

I transferred from a very small Presbyterian College in Nebraska to SVSU solely for the purpose of completing the occupational therapy program. At first, I was concerned about my academic performance, as I had no experience attending a large college and often required very close professor/peer interaction. My concerns quickly diminished as my occupational therapy class had less than 30 students and I received the utmost respect and attention from my professors. The professors in my program were dedicated to preparing the very best therapists while meeting individual student needs. They offered hands on experience and brought current knowledge to the field of occupational therapy. It was those professors at SVSU who taught me the skills needed to obtain the job of my dreams, working in the school setting as an occupational therapist....just as I planned.

It has been almost six years now since I graduated and to this day I am still in contact with the professors at SVSU. Whenever I have a question, they are without a doubt the first people I turn to. My relationships with these extraordinary experts continue to grow and I thank SVSU and my professors for this opportunity."



Dana Berthiaume, MSA, OTR

Occupational Therapist, Midland County Educational Service Agency 
1998 Alumna

"My experience in the SVSU Occupational Therapy was outstanding. My professors were concerned about my learning and were caring and inspiring. I felt I was able to get a quality education while living close to home. The knowledge and skills the occupational therapy program provided me allowed me to gain employment shortly after graduation. It also gave me the opportunity to choose from a variety of employment settings. I would highly recommend SVSU to any student who is considering going into occupational therapy. Now that the program has moved to a master’s level, the quantity and quality of the education has moved to a whole new level. This is why SVSU OT grads are second to none. I almost wish I could go back and do it all again."



Dana Skelton

Occupational Therapy Graduate Student

“If you love helping others become more independent, being creative, having a rewarding career, and having the option of choosing a variety of settings to work in – then the SVSU Occupational Therapy program is right for you! The professors model enthusiasm and dedication to the profession. The knowledge you will gain will help you grow to be a respected, trustworthy, and qualified therapist. Being in the OT program has helped me grow as an individual and graduate level student. The day I graduate from the program I will have immense gratitude toward the faculty for allowing me to accomplish this dream.”


Julie Hadden

Occupational Therapy Graduate Student

"I have had a wonderful experience with the Occupational Therapy department here at SVSU. The education that I've received stretches far beyond the classroom and into the community setting. The clinical experience that is required in the OT program is invaluable. Dr. Earley and Dr. Nagayda are two of the best professors that a student could ask for. They are always available to answer questions and genuinely care about the future success of their students."


We invite you to speak with Dr. Donald W. Earley, Occupational Therapy Department Chair & Program Director to further explore your options for a master's level professional education at SVSU. Please contact him at (989) 964-4689 or via email at You may also contact the Crystal M. Lange College of Health & Human Services office at (989) 964-4145 or

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